Welcome to the WordPress for Blackberry Bug Reporting Best Practices page. This page provides information regarding the best means in which to file a bug report. If after reading this page you still have a question, please contact us.

Important Information

Be sure to include as much information as possible about your setup, especially the following:

  • Whether you're using or self-hosted WordPress
  • If self-hosted, the version of WordPress you're using
  • The version of your BlackBerry Device Software
  • The version of WordPress for BlackBerry you're using (You can find the version by launching the app and selecting "About" menu)

How to report bug

  • Start the app and click the BB menu key.
  • Select the 'App Settings' menu item.
  • Enable the debug feature, save the changes, and replicate the issue.
  • Close the app.
  • Now you need to work closely with your PC.
  • From your PC you can use an application called BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which comes on a CD along with your BlackBerry.
  • From BlackBerry Desktop Manager get the files located onto device at: /store/home/user/wordpress/log* (or at /SDCard/BlackBerry/wordpress/log*)
  • Censor anything you don't want to show (i.e., replace names and passwords with dummy characters)
  • From BB the main screen Press: Alt-lglg
  • Go to the menu, and select "Copy Day's Contents", and select "Filtered".
  • Return to the BB main screen.
  • Send the content of the log to you by email.
  • Finally, censor anything you don't want to show (i.e., replace names and passwords with dummy characters), and attach both logs to the bug ticket system.

When you censor the log text, please don't change the length or existence of special characters in the data. Please leave in any and all spaces, punctuation, quotes, newlines, etc. Any of these things could be the cause of the error, and if we cannot reproduce the issue by running pieces of code in the log, we cannot fix it.

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